Expanding your audience while you expand minds.

SeriouslyWeb's first clients were universities and educators. For years we have served the education industry with a unique blend of marketing and intuition that has allowed clients to re-define success. We're ready to develop lean, actionable marketing plans specific to your needs and put the tools in place for you to re-define your organization's definition of success.


Schools and Universities

We have been hired to design and promote university events, connect faculty and students digitally, and develop navigable branding and communications guidelines for existing marketing staff. We understand your needs and know how to operate within the university environment.


Edtech and Online Schools

The emerging edtech industry presents unique marketing challenges which we are familiar with handling. We can connect your digital tool or school with the right audience and community, as well as craft viral campaigns to extend your reach even further.


Educators, Tutors, and Consultants

From teachers looking to implement digital classroom solutions to tutors and consultants expanding their business, we work with a wide range of educators to help them spend more time teaching and less time managing.



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