Marketing for and within the game industry.


No commitments, no hidden charges


"Help me"


Access to the following services:

Social media, Audience growth, Content writing, Press releases, Auditing + review


Ideal for:

Game studios approaching a game launch

Twitch streamers looking to grow their channel



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"Support me"


Access to the following services:

Basic services plus: Press management, SEO + optimization, Analytics + analysis


Ideal for:

Launching a press campaign for a new game

Expanding your audience and acquiring new players



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"Build me"


Access to the following services:

Intermediate services plus: PR + reputation, Web + graphic design, Anything we offer


Ideal for:

Studios seeking a complete and hands-off marketing team

Managing an existing catalog or expanding a brand



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Consult Only

1 hour consultation


Access to industry knowledge, comprehensive answers, and dazzling wit

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a seasoned professional specific to the game industry


Ideal for:

Studios with a marketing department seeking guidance

Planning an upcoming campaign or launch



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We seriously love games.

At SeriouslyWeb we're known for game-centricity.  We are one of very few marketing firms to focus on games, both independent and mainstream, as well as offer services for live streamers.  With over ten years of experience working with games, long before the Dawn of Apps, we have a rich and intuitive understanding of the game industry's many nuances and are able to bring a special flavor to the work we do therein.


Game Marketing

Is your app getting stale in the Google Play Store? Is your Steam game seeking increased exposure? We will come on board to expand your audience, revitalize your message, and help your game stand out amongst your competition.



We've led dozens of crowdfunding campaigns to success. We craft crowdfunding campaigns that get your backers as excited as you are, building incentive and driving funding beyond your goals.


Twitch Coaching

SeriouslyWeb is the only marketing firm to offer Twitch Coaching services. Our team of veteran Twitch streamers is ready to guide you to fine-tune your stream for success and retain followers and fans.



Time to get out there. Let's play.