Marketing and business development for your next great idea.


No commitments, no hidden charges


A few hours a week


Access to the following services:

Social media, Audience growth, Content writing, Press releases, Auditing + review


Ideal for:

Startups approaching the launch of a new product

New businesses building initial community



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A few days a week


Access to the following services:

Basic services plus: Press management, SEO + optimization, Analytics + analysis


Ideal for:

Launching a press campaign for a new startup

Expanding your audience and acquiring new users



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Several days a week


Access to the following services:

Intermediate services plus: PR + reputation, Web + graphic design, Anything we offer


Ideal for:

Startups seeking a complete and hands-off marketing team

Managing an existing business or brand



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Consult Only

1 hour consultation


Access to industry knowledge, comprehensive answers, and dazzling wit

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a seasoned professional specific to startup businesses


Ideal for:

CMOs or marketing departments seeking guidance

Planning an upcoming campaign or launch



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Startups change lives. We change startups.

Whether you realize it or not, a startup has changed your life. At SeriouslyWeb, we know startups better than most. We offer a strong focus on startup businesses and products through the entire startup lifecycle, from funding to exiting.  With years of experience working in the startup atmosphere, we know how you think and we share your goals. We're ready to develop lean, actionable marketing plans for your startup.


Funding and Investment

It's not easy to approach investors with a new idea, but having the knowledge of a marketing and business development firm sure helps. We will prepare the assets you need to present to your investors, from presentation assets to the alpha version itself.


Launch and Campaigns

We've successfully launched hundreds of new brands and many startup products. We design campaigns that drive interest, sell exclusivity, and retain users for years to come.


Growth and Management

So you've acquired 2,000 email addresses through your landing page - now what? We put growth strategies in place to expand your audience and engage your existing users and prospects, meeting them on their level.



Let's kickstart your startup.